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Sis nocked an arrow and straightened up, “I see Tom!” She hissed to her fellow founders.

Haws and Tsu unsheathed swords while Sis gave them covering fire, “Help!” Yelled Tom from his cornered position.

“Tom! Hang in there!” Yelled Dark from the ice side.

Sis withdrew her bow and unsheathed her sword and got the jump on Purple who was making her way to help Tom. Her body slowly disappeared.

“4 lives remaining.” Rang a very familiar voice through the arena.

“Etho.” said Tsu who quickly parried Darks incoming blow.

Haws rolled beside Tom and stabbed his leg making it slowly disappear, “Crap!” said Tom as he disappeared.

“3 lives remaining.” said a different voice.

“Beef?” Sis questioned before her thought process was broken by Purple getting revenge by shooting her chest. Sis slowly disappeared.

“4 lives remaining.” said a different voice.

Running from the respawn point Sis grabbed her bow once again and started firing at the forms that were closing in, “Eat my flintheads!” She yelled sprinting forward and grabbing her sword.

Dark and Tom lunged for her but she sidestepped and tripped them both and cut their backs with her sword making them disappear.

“1 life remaining.” said Pause.

Purple muttered curses under her breath as she shoved her sword into Haws’ chest, “3 lives remaining.”

Tom and Dark left respawn quickly and grabbed bows, “Let’s get ‘er done!”

Running from the respawn point he dragged the tip of his sword on the ground, “Come get some Tsu!” The clash sounded throughout the arena. Sis and Haws went around Tsu and Tom to find Dark and Purple shooting, “Dodge!”

Haws and Sis rolled opposite hiding behind cover and grabbing bows, “Open fire!” Haws spoke.

Sis and Haws started shooting rapidly at the two forms.

“C’mon Tsu! Just need that last kill.” Sis said between shots.

Haws sat back against the wall and watched the fight rage as the Sis covered her, “Go Tsu!” She whooped and cheered making Tsu smile.

She gained new strength and dodged Toms’ incoming slash and shoved her sword into his stomach.

“Red team wins!” said Etho who walked out followed by his other members of Team Canada.

“Great job guys.” said Pause clapping at the Founders.

Beef smiled at the six of them while Pause high fived the Founders. Etho was clapping and whooping in a very unEtho like way. Sis raised Tsu and Haws hands in a winning gesture and everyone laughed.


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