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“Sis. Sis. Wake up.” Sis opened her eyes and was faced with an overly excited Hawser on top of her.

“Haws. Get off me.” Sis said playfully. Haws clambered off and stood by the bed.

“Why the alarm clock?” Sis asked rubbing her eyes and stretching.

“Tom asked us to accompany him in the prototyping of his new machine.”

“Now why the big words, Haws?” She asked standing.

“That’s what he told me to say.” Haws said chuckling.

Sis threw on her trademark blue jacket before leaving the farmhouse with Haws.

“Dang rain.” Haws said as the first drops started coming from the sky.

Sis pulled her hood over her head and zipped up the jacket removing the sight of her black shirt, “The LEAST common thing. That has ever happened. Is rain. In this land.” She said sarcasm thick enough to cut.

Haws laughed as she withdrew an umbrella, “Better lighten up for the others. And also hope Tom was clever enough to place the machine inside.”

Sis laughed at Haws comment, “Ya. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

“We can only hope.” Haws said as they made their way along the stone pathway.

Tsu and Dark stood outside the garage where Tom was tinkering, “Where’s the rest of the team?” Dark asked.

“Haws was tasked with waking and bringing Sis. Purple was memoed and should be here soon. I think I see someone now.” Tsu said pointing to a duo.

Sis and Haws jogged up to Tsu and Dark exchanging greetings.

“Hey guys.” Haws said.

“Hi!” Dark said who was practically jumping for joy.

“Where’s Purps?” Haws asked.

“I’m here! I’m here!” Purple said running up the west pathway.

“Where’s Tom?” Sis asked.

“In his garage tinkering.” As Tsu said this Tom burst through the door. His body was covered in ash and soot while his purple eyes showed brightly in contrast.

“Guys! It’s done! Careful coming inside. The magic wire is everywhere. And we all know the dangers of that.”

The group nodded and stepped inside to be met with the smell of burning wire and steel, “Using a blowtorch in here?” Sis asked using her sleeve to protect her airways.

“Yeah. Can’t fuse much without one of those.” Tom said coughing and leading us through the maze of wire.

Opening a door fresh air washed the smoke away. They all breathed in a deep breath, “So this is the machine you’ve spent weeks on?” Purple asked.

“Yes.” Tom said proudly gesturing to the small red button on the ground.

“A button?” Sis asked skeptically.

Tom nodded and walked over, “Allow me to demonstrate. With this machine. I can make this witch. A wizard!”

“You made a genderswap machine?” Dark asked.

“That’s the jist of it.” Tom said kneeling before the button.

“I suggest y’all step back.” He said before slamming down his fist on the button.

Sprinting out of the room to join the others behind the safety glass he left the door open to the magic.

The button fizzed and whirred as the wires beneath channeled all the energy from the power cells to it. The explosion was a surprise to them all. Dropping to the ground the wall fell forward and a small crater was left of Tom’s base.

“Whoops.” Tom said.

They all stood and looked around, “Hey guys? Notice anything different.” Sis growled as HE looked at the rest of them.

“What. The. Heck!” Haws exclaimed looking at her new male form.

Tsu was feeling his adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down, “This is weird.”

Dark stuck out his arm and inspected how the clothes fit themselves, “This could be cool, though.” He said flexing his fingers.

“Hey? Where’s Tom?” Purple asked. Looking around the group they saw a female.

“Tom?” Sis stepped forward inspecting Tom.

“Your machine worked. It just exploded and made us the opposite sex.” He said.

Tom nodded as she felt her long, as of now, hair, “So. Now you’re all males. And I’m female.” She clarified.

Sis nodded, “Pretty much, yes.”

“If we’re all male and Tom is female. Our names signify our femininity.” Purple said.

“I guess.” Tsu said.

“I figure I’ll stay Dark. Can go either way.” Dark said.

“Call me Duke from now on. If Tom can’t fix this, that is.” Sis said.

Haws stretched and yawned, “I guess continue calling me Haws until we’re all fixed.”

“I’ll be Sky. Still says I’m me but less female.” Purple said.

“Just. I’m staying my own name. I want to be fixed. Now.” Tsu said glaring at Tom.

“I guess I’ll be Justice until I’ve fixed us all up.” She said.

The men glared at Justice and said, “Fix us. Soon.”

Justice nodded and got to work gathering all the saved redstone.

Duke sat on his horse trotting along the path to Haws’ house.

The sun shone down on the lands of Saladia as he continued along to the tech savvy friend.

Leashing the horse he walked up to the door and rapped loudly, “Hawser! C’mon! Tom is waiting for us for the Return!”

“I’m coming already!” Soon the man was at the door with a saddle in hand.

“Grab your horse and lets get a move on. I don’t want to be male any longer than needed.” Duke said saddling up.

Haws did the same and soon the two males were riding back to the place where, just a month ago, they got gender switched by a ‘careful’ friend.

Upon reaching the newly built house 4 people were waiting outside.

“Guys! Start it up!” Duke yelled as he jumped from the horse and rolled through the door after the others. Haws did a similar move and sprinted into the machine room careful to step over the precise wiring.

“In here! Quickly!” Justice said smashing the button.

The world went hazy as the group stood around the button. It twisted and churned as they morphed back to normal.

“Guys!” Dark’s voice was barely audible over the din of the wind.

“Brace for IMPACT!” Justices’ voice was strained as the world flipped and then stopped completely leaving the group to collapse on the cold stone floor.

“To get rid of this object once and for all!” Tom crushed the button beneath his shoe.

The girls clapped and cheered as Tom stood back from the ashes of where the button was.

“We’re normal again. Never. Doing that again.” Tom said glaring at the button.

“Never again.” He said walking away leaving the girls to themselves to remember how to be girls after being male for a while.

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I just can't stop reading this! It's so good!


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