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The cloudless night sky was a burden. Rain was the only weather the Team’s mafia would go out in for missions. Nothing got done until rain. In Seattle. Not a rare thing but that night it was sky far as the eye could see.
(In the Offices)

Purple sat in her office chair behind the spruce wood desk that held her computer and other work supplies. Glancing out the window she mentally cursed, “Cloudless. Why does Seattle do this without reason?”

She clicked a button on her watch and a screen appeared and it was just static, “Call. Sisduke.”

“Calling, Sisduke.” The watch responded in a robotic male voice.

“This is Duke Industry, please leave a message after the beep.” Beep.

“Sisduke answer the pho-”

“What. What. I’m here.” An annoyed voice answered through the static.

“Mission aborted. No rain out.”

“You could have just left the message couldn’t you?” The watch asked.

“I like it better if the person is there. We need to know things. People don’t. I’m gonna get ahold of the others. Now. We need intel on this, Justice Tom?”

A muffled reply sounded before the watch clicked and the screen went black, “Dangit, Sis.”

“Mrs. Duke?” Sis hung up the call and folded her hands.

“Come in.” She said.

Her accomplice walked inside, “Tsu. The mission has been postponed. As you can see,” Sis gestured beside her to the large view, “No rain.”

Tsu brushed the hair out of her face, “I came to round us up. Purple called shortly after you hung up. Let’s go.”

Sis stood from her desk and her clothes morphed from her business-wear to her ‘clothes’. “Getting done already?” Tsu asked as they walked into the lobby and out into an alleyway so they could talk.

“May as well. My ‘clothes’ are for this specific area ONLY.” Sis confirmed.

Tsu’s watch clicked and vibrated, “Haws. Why’re you calling?” She asked as she pushed past Sis who was contemplating the area before them. She quickly followed as Hawser appeared on the screen.

“Intel. This Justice Tom? He is a convict. Several counts of murder and assault on his name. Currently facing the death penalty. Sending the files.” Tsu nodded and clicked the watch.

“Files bet-” Before she could finish her sentence papers exploded above her. Sis screwed her face up before exploding with laughter. Tsu grumbled as she started organizing the flurry of papers.

“Tsu. Those papers are fakes.” Sis said.

Tsu took hold of one of the papers and looked them over. They said, “Have fun playing with my paper-splosion. <3-Haws.”

“Dammit!” Tsu chucked the papers making Sis laugh harder.

“Haws is gonna get it. Now. Call Hawser.” Tsu said in her angered state.

“Calling, Realtor.”

“Call, Hawser!” Tsu yelled into the watch.

“Calling, Houser.”

“HAWSER!” She shouted with such force.

“Calling, Hawser.”


“Calling, Finally.”

“GODDAMMIT!” Tsu pressed some buttons and a screen appeared.

Haws apparently had her watch on answer immediately. Laying back in Sis’ office, Haws had her feet kicked up and was sipping hot chocolate.

“Get the hell out of my office.” Sis growled. Hawser flailed about, spilling the drink and falling from the chair.

“Oomph!” Was the sound that rose from the watch.

“Give me a warning next time, please?” She said rubbing her temples.

“Well. If I see you in my office I have a right to say so.” Sis said exasperated.

“Anymore on this Justice Tom?” Tsu asked finally.

Haws nodded and took another sip of her freshly brewed, “Ya. You know, you just ended my call practically one minute ago. Just give me a minute to pull up the files. Ok. This Justice Tom is currently in Seattle View Prison for the Youth.”

“He’s a youth?”

“He was. He begged to stay at the Youth Prison for sake of his well being. They, as the idiots they are, let him stay. Now. I’ve hacked his schedule and added extra yard time so we can snatch him. I’m gonna send Team Nightsky.”

“So. Dark and Purple are going to the prison to get this convict. While we’re doing what?” Tsu asked.

“You two. Are going on assassination. Someone who has been causing Team Founders problems.”

“Munchkins.” Sis snarled angrily. She subconsciously felt her elbow remembering the injury Nannyn had given her.

“Yes. I’m sending you guys, Team Swears, on assassination. If they get away. Don’t try to find them. They’re deadly.” Tsu groaned at the explanation.

“Got it. See you on the other side.” The watch dimmed.

“See you,” Sis pointed at Tsu, “at the subway tomorrow.”

Tsu nodded and Sis disappeared in the midst of the surrounding alleyway.

The darkness shrouded Team NightSky as they crept up on the prison. Justice Tom was about to go out in the Yard for 10 minutes. 10 minutes they needed to get him out.

“You know the plan?” Purple whispered. Dark nodded and stepped forward to the gate waving wildly, “I’M FREE! I’M FREE!”

Guards immediately turned towards her as she starting working the teleportation mechanism, “Get back here prisoner!” An older man that was in shackles turned towards the diversion and noticed all the guards were gone. He took off at full sprint to the other side of the Yard where Purple was waiting patiently.

As the chains jingled closer Purple jumped from the crouched position and tackled Justice, “Justice Tom. Nice to meet you.” She grinned.

The man beneath her squirmed uncomfortably, “Problem?” She asked.

“Get off me please?” He asked mildly politely.

Purple stood, dusting herself off, and pulled the man up as well, “I’m Purple. PurpleSky. My partner Dark Knight just created that diversion to buy us some time. C’mon. She should be at base by now.” Purple took a firm grip on Tom’s wrist and they dissolved.

She planted her feet on the ground and Tom stumbled forward and hit a wall. Purple chuckled, “Get used to it.”

“Why’m I here?” He asked.

“Recruitment. This,” She said gesturing to the large expanse of cave around them, “is Team Young Labs. Where the most diabolical plans are hatched by our Teams. Like. My team. Team NightSky. Or, Team Swears. Or, Team Founders. That’s our tech person over there. Hawser! C’mere.” She shouted.

A girl with brown hair looked up from her computer and smiled as she walked over, “I’m Haws. Don’t worry, we don’t bite. Often”

Tom smiled and attempted to shake his hand but realized he was still in shackles, “Um. Got any universal keys?” He grinned sheepishly.

“No problem.” She pushed some buttons on her watch and the chains disappeared.

Tom felt out his wrists before finally shaking Hawser’s hand, “Thank you for a recruitment.”

“Again, no problem.”

Sis stood behind the wall. Her hair was done up in a loose ponytail to keep the hair away. She wore a dark black vest over a gray long sleeve. Black jeans covered her pasty white legs and her eyes shimmered in the glow of the small lights.

Tsu stood on the opposite wall in similar, “I see Mew.”

Sis nodded and she slowly tiptoed towards the subway platform where Mew Exorcist was waiting. She spoke in a disguised voice, “Mew. What are the coords to Team Munchkin base?” Mew turned and looked around.

“Forgetful Nannyn.I’ll only tell at the base so follow me.” Sis smiled at the idea of a stalking, “Good idea.”

“Keep a distance so we’re not suspicious.” She spoke quickly then started speed walking down the way. Sis followed quickly behind holding the knife in her hand. “This is going to get interesting.”


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