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A ping sounded from Purple’s watch. Haws glanced over her shoulder at the message when Purple gasped, “Sis is in trouble. Call Tsu.”

“Calling, Tsu.” The watch responded.

“I’m with Nannyn. What’s so important?” Tsu’s voice cut through the static.

“Sis is in trouble. Abort Mission: Munchkin and find your partner.”

“Got it.” The watched pinged again, then went silent.

“We have to focus on the bigger picture. She got away.”

Haws nodded and turned back to Tom who was sitting in an old rickety chair.

“Now. Let’s get started.”

Tsu turned to Nan and sighed, “I need to find Sis before Mew does something devilish.”

Taking a visor from her knapsack she placed it over her eyes. Red and orange forms milled across her vision. A blue one stood out among them. Sis. Tsu quietly made her way towards the blue. Cautiously, but quickly.

“Mew?!” A shout reverberated through the tunnel. Nannyn.

“Shit.” Tsu cursed under her breath and went faster noting the pink blob making their way towards her.

Rounding a corner she saw the blue form clearly. Sis was in a corner clutching her wound tears streaming down her face, “Tsu…” She gasped.

“Sis!” Tsu ran forward and kneeled down next to Sis.

“Eler.” She coughed. Her mental functions were failing.

“Elbow, I know.” Tsu reached into her knapsack and pulled out some vials. One held a swirly reddish pink liquid and the other was a light pink.

“Take this one.” Tsu pushed the red one towards the other woman who held out her hand as it shook violently. The liquid swirled in the glass almost hypnotically.

Tsu pocketed the other and held out a hand to Sis, “We need to leave. I heard Nannyn coming to inspect why ‘Mew’,” She said with air quotes, “didn’t appear.”

Sis nodded and tried to speak but she was slowly shutting down, “Hang in there.” Tsu used her exemplary strength to haul Sis back to The Return area.
(Fifteen Minutes Later)

Tsu collapsed at the doorway to The Return. Sis had fully lost consciousness about halfway through the trip. Tsu tried her hardest to drag her to the teleportation pad and ended up rolling her.

“Hawser. The Return, now.” Tsu said into the numpad.

“Got it.” Was the reply before the world crushed and returned quickly.

Purple, Haws, Tom, and Dark were standing at the pad waiting patiently. Dark rushed forward and took hold of Sis’ body, “She’s unconscious?”

Tsu nodded and let out a strangled reply, “Yes. Mew,” She took a deep, shaky breath, “hit The Injury causing her to go into mental shutdown.”

Haws squatted next to Sis and placed the visor on her head. Technology was her asset and she had programmed a device inside Sis after the injury occurred.

“The wiring and nerves crossed somewhere making her go into what is her, what I call, Mental Sleep.” Purple stepped forward and gazed over the woman.

“What hit her elbow?”

“I don’t know.” Tsu screwed her face up as Dark dripped the pink liquid into her mouth causing extreme pain.

Tom stared over Haws’ shoulder at Sis’ elbow, “A sword hilt. More precisely diamond.” Everyone looked at Tom who was inspecting Sis.

“The marks left on her elbow indicated a rounded edge. That is only fashioned on diamond weapons.” Haws nodded, “Tom. Help me put Sis in the infirmary and I’ll fix whatever this is.”

Taking hold of the body they brought her over to the infirmary leaving Tsu, Dark, and Purple to revel in what had happened.

Tom left quickly after dropping Sis in the infirmary. Hawser had demanded he leave so she could work in complete peace. She opened the small slit that was the old scar of the initial surgery on Sis’ elbow.

“Incision has been made. Entering the elbow.” She expanded the area so she could get a better view. She moved the camera over and watched the screen and her precise movements.

Seeing a splash of gray in the redness she smiled, “Hello.” She prodded the metal and Sis spasmed causing Haws’ to remove the scalpel quickly in order to not cut anything important.

“Ok. Overly sensitive today are we.” She bent over to where she was eye level with the metal and opened the small compartment with minimal resistance. Lights flashed and a moderately large button was blinking.

“Reset button. And there we go.” She poked the button, closed the compartment, and stood back waiting for her to receive the wake up call.

A small movement caught Haws’ attention and she turned quickly, holding the scalpel as a weapon, “Who’s there?”

“Purple.” Purple walked forward and inspected Sis.

“She should be up soon. Y’know. If you came in just a few moments before I could’ve killed her.” Purple shrugged.

“Mhhhh…” A groan rose from the bed as Sis stirred.
“Sis. Sis wake up.”

“Mhhh…” She mumbled.

“She still won’t be able to respond to most missions for a while because of this. When the nerves and wiring met at the intersection a spark happened causing her Mental Sleep.” Purple nodded and looked down at the patient.

“She is to stay at her house with constant surveillance by you seeing as you’re the only one who can work the mech. You’ll have your super laptop and some technology for com’s with us in case of emergency.”

“So I’m playing babysitter?”

“If you want to put it that way, yes.” Hawser groaned and turned towards Sis who was sitting up.

“Hss… Wt hpnd?” She questioned.

“You went into Mental Sleep. You’ll be out of work for at least a few days.” Purple said.

Sis shook her head, “No. Bt I ned wrk.”

“Miss Workaholic is taking a break. You will get rest and Hawser here is making sure of that.

Sis lay down with a thud and grumbled incoherently.

“This is gonna be a long week.” Haws mumbled under her breath making Purple chuckle.


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